After our founder, Kyle Schnellmann, left the U.S. Army he had no idea what he was going to do, but he knew that he wanted to start his own business. He read numerous management, leadership, and business related books i.e. E-Myth Revisited, Who Moved My Cheese, etc. and he thought starting a business would be easy. In theory, everything seems easy.

Kyle started a cleaning company which landed him in Minneapolis, MN turning apartments near the University of Minnesota. Once all of the apartments were cleaned, the owner asked Kyle to help with some odd jobs and maintenance. During this time, he was introduced to the tile trade.

Two laborers were training Kyle on how to set tile, but they did not seem knowledgeable about the setting process. Kyle had an inkling that starting at one wall with a full tile and running it to the other side was not the proper way tile should be set. He thought there had to be a method to the trade to optimize time and produce the best results. Kyle started researching books, magazines, and any materials he could get his hands on to learn the trade. He taught himself a lot, how to layout floors and walls, what type of setting materials to use depending on the application, and he asked a lot of questions of people within the trade. Kyle moved back to Colorado after an extremely cold winter in Minneapolis determined to do something other than janitorial work.

Upon returning home in Colorado, Kyle and his sister, Kiaya, began bouncing around ideas for the name of his new company. She came up with Tile Kyle and he ran with it even though he thought it was cheesy (which later on proved to be a great name that people remembered).

In 2004, with the help of his family, 1000 flyers were distributed throughout his neighborhood offering residential tile setting services. These flyers were the start of an amazing journey. Kyle started out completing residential remodels, focused mainly on kitchens and bathrooms. The more satisfied customers he had, the more Tile Kyle was referred. Positive word of mouth was truly his best marketing tool. In the spring of 2005, Kyle hired a helper, Jose Andrade, who stills works for Tile Kyle & Company Inc. today.

Through his sister’s connection to a subcontractor, Kyle landed his first commercial project with KFC in Lone Tree, Colorado. From that moment on, he was hooked on commercial construction. Kyle loved the quantity of tile to install and the pace of construction.

Since then, Tile Kyle & Company Inc. has completed numerous restaurants, retail, and government projects, while building great relationships with many general contractors and suppliers.

Message from Tile Kyle & Company’s founder:

I have learned a lot about our industry and business since the first tile I set back in 2004. Our team is committed to learning new products and methods, as well as sticking to those products and methods that are industry proven.

Our clients deserve a professional high quality tile installation every single time we’re contracted. We pride ourselves on having great communication, small punch lists and fewer call backs than our competitors.

For those who have trusted Tile Kyle & Company Inc. for all of your ceramic tile and stone needs, thank you for helping my dream come true!

Kyle Schnellmann, President